Deena’s Gourmet Hummus Story

Deena's Gourmet Hummus began at a relaxing backyard BBQ in May of 2008. Looking for a quick snack dip and using only the items available in her kitchen, Deena Kvasnik made a “Red Pepper and Feta Cheese Hummus” dip to serve to her guests. The dip was incredibly delicious and the crowd went through it in a few minutes. After the party many of the guests asked for the recipe and Deena knew that she had something special. The timing could not have been better for Deena to discover this amazing flavor combination. At the time Deena was working downtown Minneapolis as a buyer for a large department store and they had just announced a mass layoff. In addition, Deena and her husband David had also just learned they were pregnant with their first child. Could it be possible to go from a corporate buyer to a dip maker / mom? Deena decided to give it a try!

Two weeks after her last day as a corporate buyer, Deena showed up at the St. Paul Farmers Market with a folding table, 100 containers of hummus in a cooler and a laminated sign that read “Hummus $4”. Deena’s Gourmet Hummus sold out in thirty minutes that day. Customers loved her unique flavors and refreshing recipes. Deena’s focus on flavor means that she uses 100% olive oil and fresh, high quality ingredients. It also means that she does not add water or tahini to any of her exciting hummus flavors which allows the vibrant flavors to come to life. Thousands of customers responded to those fantastic flavors and soon Deena was selling out of her 5 different hummus varieties every weekend! Eventually, those thousands of farmer’s market customers helped Deena’s Gourmet Hummus find its way onto the shelves of stores throughout Minnesota where it has grown into a well respected brand. Join those thousands of people today and “put a little gourmet in your everyday”. You’ll love it! 

– Deena Kvasnik


Did you know?

Any way you try it, Deena's Gourmet Hummus tastes great and is good for you! That's right—did you know our hummus is healthy for you? The chickpeas in hummus means it's full of protein, iron and calcium. They also provide an excellent source of soluble fiber, which aids your digestive system and helps lower cholesterol. 

Hummus is a wonderful and healthful snack originating from the low fat, high energy Mediterranean diet. Chickpeas (garbanzo beans), the main ingredient in hummus, are a staple in Mediterranean cooking. The base of most hummus dips includes a tasty blend of ingredients such as chickpeas, garlic, olive oil and lemon juice. Deena's Gourmet does not use tahini, so it is lower in fat than most others you've tried. Try and you’ll discover that our hummus varieties are uniquely powerful in flavor, fresh in taste and entirely addicting!