Press & Media Articles

Twin Cities - Pioneer Press

"Deena's Gourmet red pepper and feta version is light, fluffy and addictive"



Kowalski's Markets

"Deena delivers what we here at Kowalski's are always looking for: unique products with distinctive flavors, carefully crafted with fresh, local ingredients."



Most Ridic

"The sweetness of the pepper and the creaminess of the feta make a great combination. I really like this one spread in a tortilla with a little turkey. A great meal on the go."




"knock-your-socks off good!."

CBS Minnesota

"Fresh, smooth and fantastic with a glass of white wine."




"this stuff has been sent directly from the snack food gods!."



MPLS Farmer's Market

"Don't like hummus? Try Deena's Gourmet hummus. I think you will change your mind."



Minnesota Locavore

"Best Thing to Serve with Whole Grain Milling Chips"



Heavy Table

"hummus had become Kvasnik’s claim to fame among her circle of friends and family"